Bike Loans

Borrow one of our bikes for free

We offer a free way for you to see if cycling is for you: We loan out both pedal bikes and electric bikes for free to the people of Rotherham for between one and three months.

To be eligible to borrow a bike you must be over the age of 16 and live or work in the Rotherham postcode area.

When you borrow one of our bikes you are also given all the typical accessories you need including a helmet, bag, bike lock and lights. We maintain your loan bike for you as long as you have it, and also offer you free cycle training if you would like to improve your confidence and skills.

At the end of your loan period you just have to return the bike and accessories to us and fill in our post-loan feedback form.

Please note, due to an increase in the number of bikes stolen this year we will now be taking a deposit of £100 before loaning out electric bikes. The deposit will be returned in full on return of the bike, and has been brought about as a means to discourage theft which jeopardises the future of the scheme.

You can apply online here:

Loan a bike

or you can apply in person at the Journey Matters Hub - at these locations