Bike Training

Bike Training

Was learning how to cycle your goal for the summer or have you always wanted to be able to? Cycling is a great way to help you keep healthy and almost anyone can do it.

Our friendly trainers have helped new cyclists of all ages take that first step into the saddle. Even the most nervous beginners will be surprised at how easily they can pick up the basics and start to pedal around under their own steam.

All cycle training sessions are free to those who live, work or are being educated in Rotherham, including the use of a bike.

We have a choice of women only training sessions or mixed training sessions, held in Rotherham and the surrounding areas. 

Book now to start your cycling adventure!

To Book Women Only Cycle Training

Call 0114 399 1100 or email
Please let us know if you would like a "Learn to Ride" or "Cycle Confidence" training session.

To Book Mixed Cycle Training

Call 07772 374 759 or email